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Obsidian - MYO Terran by Zephyr-Spellbound Obsidian - MYO Terran :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 6 3 Umbra Gloria - [traded] by Zephyr-Spellbound Umbra Gloria - [traded] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 7 1 Wraith - [traded] by Zephyr-Spellbound Wraith - [traded] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 11 1 Muse - [up for trade] by Zephyr-Spellbound Muse - [up for trade] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 3 2 what the f*** just happened? by Zephyr-Spellbound what the f*** just happened? :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 3 0 Valentine - [up for trade] by Zephyr-Spellbound Valentine - [up for trade] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 2 1 Knight Shine and Northern Lights [Collab] by Zephyr-Spellbound Knight Shine and Northern Lights [Collab] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 2 0
Unexpected Visitor
         “Raine, come here” a male Ferrala guard calls Raine, a small thin female Ferrala over, “we have a report of a monster terrorizing-” the guard is cut short, numerous screams are heard and a man crashes through the wall. The two stand ready to attack, then paralyzed in fear as the man gets up, towering over the two, easily seven feet tall.
         The man grabs hold of an anchor, pulling it out of the ground with ease then holds it as a gun, a beast equal sized to him charges forwards and to their surprise a bolt fires from the anchor. The beast struck in the head stumbles, not yet dead, the man kicks the bolt deeper finishing it off. The giant of a man glances to the two and smiles, “sorry about the Grimm.”
         As if things weren't weird enough the monster dissolves into petals and the giant grabs the bolt, reloading the anchor. Raine summons a rifle and follows
:iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 0 0
Spellbound [edit] by Zephyr-Spellbound Spellbound [edit] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 5 7 going for a spin by Zephyr-Spellbound going for a spin :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 3 9 Star Mother of Umbra by Zephyr-Spellbound Star Mother of Umbra :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 3 0
Madam Glacier's Unusual Gift
    You've read the tale of the self proclaimed adopted child of Wylla being the best at getting their mother a gift. Unfortunately when it comes to other ponies, they are not. Take Madam Glacier for instance. Allow me to tell you in rhyme.
    Year one, this child so young, wished for greatness and aimed for arts and crafts. It was not their calling, into darkness they went falling, when all they could give were twelve tiny burnt drafts.
    Year two is when they knew, they'd get to start fresh. Unaware of a guest, an unwanted great pest, all they managed to give was burnt flesh.
    Now year three, it was the worst you see, for poor Charcoal was abandoned once more. Their rage a burning fire, created one great pyre, the gift of watching them was rather an unfortunate chore.
    Then came year four, once again Charcoal was sent through the door, dripping wet from the rain. They were used to this feeling, and quite tired of kneeling, po
:iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 1 2
Umbra - Exestria's Shadow by Zephyr-Spellbound Umbra - Exestria's Shadow :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 2 0
Wylla's Gift
  That time of year comes once more where everypony in the grotto gives gifts to one another and show how much they care for each other. For one pony in particular, it was the one day they felt they had to work the hardest, for merely acquiring a gift for the mare they view as their mother was not good enough.
  No, this mare is the queen of ALL the Wysps, a mere gift simply will not do when half the grotto is giving her gifts they either made or found. Each year this task became more and more difficult for our young friend, Charcoal-that's me-but every year they succeeded.
  Though this year was proving to be a challenge for our young friend, for they wanted to surprise their mother with pleasant news. That their wife was pregnant and they were going to have a child, but unfortunately, to say so would not be true. They weren't having the best of luck, which unfortunately threw that plan out the window and having waited to the last minute in hope, Charcoal was nearly out
:iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 2 2
Wysp (Pawn x Wither) by Zephyr-Spellbound Wysp (Pawn x Wither) :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 3 3 MYO Grottoling - P-Body [traded] by Zephyr-Spellbound MYO Grottoling - P-Body [traded] :iconzephyr-spellbound:Zephyr-Spellbound 6 12


Skye Moon
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I have a bunch of characters/designs I do not use anymore and am looking to trade them away

For the grottolings, they are specifically character trades only, due to the rules I am not allowed to trade them for points nor money

Edit: Both grottolings were MYO's, the rules state I cannot sell them for points nor money.

The rest are OTA, you may offer characters you already own, you may offer customs, points, money (I will say that it will be easier and simpler to trade OCs/Nexgens/Customs for my characters)

Warning: I will rarely agree to trade one of mine for a closed/custom species. Cannon species minus breezies are ok.
Some characters I still feel attached to, but I have been unable to find a use for them and sadly must trade them, expect some of them [not many] to be a little more difficult to trade for.
I do try to get to replies as quick as possible, but do have a job and a horrible sleep schedule, so please be patient, it shouldn't take longer then 24 hours for me to get a reply out though.
If there is a character you would like me to put on hold please let me know which one that is, but do let me know what you plan on offering, I would hate for you to go all out making a character without notifying me, offering to trade and being declined, if you ask me to put it on hold and you'll make a custom for me, then we'll discuss things a little further and from there I'll either accept or decline. If I accept, there's no backing out for me, unless I feel you've put absolutely no effort into making the custom
Please do not take offense if something you've traded me/I've commissioned from you ends up on this list, it DOES NOT mean that I do not like them, it's because I have been unable to find a purpose for them. I've been unable to justify my reason for holding onto them, a lot of them I DO want to keep, but doing so, the characters would never get used in any way for anything [and I know it seems funny to say considering I haven't been making any art recently, but trust that I do have plans for the characters I keep]

The list has been updated! Plenty of new trades are available, feel free to comment or sent a note and I will reply to you when I see it. Thank you for your patience.
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